KARI RRC Embu Annual Report 1993

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Ministry of Agriculture
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Ministry of Agriculture
The Regional Research Centre (RRC) Embu is faced with a challenging responsibility of undertaking adaptive and applied research aimed at developing appropriate technologies necessary to improve both crop and livestock production under a diverse geo-physical and socio-cultural-economic background within a mandated area covering eight Districts. This year (1993) has seen greater effort being made through the institutionalization of the Research-Extension-Farmer linkage following the signing of a Memorandum of understanding between the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock Development and Marketing (MoALDM), and the Ministry of Research, Technical Training and Technology (MRTIT) in order to Improve the effectiveness and efficiency in planning and implementing of research-extension activities such as diagnostic surveys, field visits/days, on-farm trials and demonstrations, and in the technology packaging and dissemination. It is now envisaged that the forging of the partnership between the researchers, extensionists and farmers will foster and facilitate greater participation of the technology end-users (farmers) in the understanding of their needs, the identification of constraints to production and solutions to avert priority constraints. I wish to record that it is through the great commitment to duty by the staff of RRC Embu together with the extension personnel that have made the realization of the results reported in this annual report possible, the contribution of collaborating farmers notwithstanding. To all those who have made this possible, lower them a lot of gratitude. Needless, the pivotal role of Dr. Ndiritu the Director KARl for technical and logistic support, and the provision of both financial and physical resources either directly through KARl or collaborative projects without which the implementation of the research projects would not have been possible. Last but not least, I acknowledge the collaborative support of MoALDM staff of RRC-Embu mandate region. With continued support, this centre will strive to achieve much more to assist the farming community within the mandate area for the sustainance of higher agricultural production. Finally, I wish to thank the members of the centre's editorial committee comprising of Dr. Macharia Gethi and Messrs George Karanja, Festus Murithi, E.M.Kiruiro and S.K. Gathama for their tireless effort in the compilation of this report.