Field Immobilization of Some East African Wild Animals and Cattle-I

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Lee M.T
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An effective method for immobilizing wild animals and livestock in the field has long been a goal for workers in the wildlife and livestock industries. For the veterinary officer and livestock raiser, such a method would facilitate handling, shipping, or treating of wild or unruly stock. For the wildlife biologist and game manager, it would have three principal applications: in the capture and translocation of animals from one area to another; in the inoculation of wild animals against disease; and in the capture of wild animals for weighing, measuring, marking, and blood and parasite sample collection, so that after release their movements, social behaviour, growth rates, and condition changes may be traced. This last function is an important part of our study into the ecology of East African plains wildlife.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, XXVI (2), p. 92-102