KARI Workshop Proceedings 15 - 16 2003

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Kenya Agricultural Research Institute
Agriculture is the mainstay of Kenya's economy and is currently the. The engine that drives all other sectors of the national economy. This is well exemplified in the 1990's by the good correlation between the decline of the Agricultural sector and the poor macroeconomic performance for the country in this same decade. Agriculture currently contributes 25% of Kenya's Gross Domestic Product (GDP), and a further 27% of total GDP indirectly through linkages with the various agro-based industries and manufacturing sector services. More over Agriculture contributes 75% of all employment in the country. As stated in the National Development Plan (2002-2008) the main objective of the Agricultural sector for the country are (i) to provide food security for the Nation by maintaining adequate domestic supply of major food items (ii) to provide the raw materials needed for the various agro-based and associated industries (iii) to help create useful employment for all those engaged in various agricultural and allied enterprises, thus helping to raise the income base for many rural people. (iv) to help Kenya conserve the country's natural resources through improved agricultural practices.