The Establishment and Production of a Ley

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Jones R. J.
EvansT. R
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An experiment to determine the effects of various phosphatic fertilizers used straight or as mixtures, as seedbed applications or split applications, on the establishment and production of a Rhodes grass ley in the presence and absence of inoculated clover is described. Over four cuts basic slag, a mixture of Uganda rock phosphate and superphosphate, and a mixture of basic slag and superphosphate, all at 40 lb. P20, per acre, significantly increased yields of fresh green material above that of the control. Other treatments were not significantly greater than the control. The effect of inoculated T. semipilosum did not persist after the first cut when a highly significant increase in yield of 17.6 per cent was obtained. The failure of the clover after the first cut was thought to be due to suppression of the Rhizobium inoculant by wild strains of Rhizobia from the indigenous clover. A marked fall in productivity of the ley occurred over the four cuts. Reasons for this decline in productivity are discussed and suggestions made for preventing such fall off in productivity so common in leys at the higher altitudes in Kenya.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, XXVII (No. 2), p. 85-90