Coffee Board of Kenya Monthly Bulletins August 1938

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The subject of crop regulation is one that is exercising the attention of many coffee planters to-day and the system that has been evolved by Mr.Merritt is worthy of the closest attention.In spite of Mr Merritt's "undistinguished school career" he has studiously worked out a problem which is deserving of the highest praise.In my opinion the most interesting part of his investigation is that connected with cherry counts.He has shown that with an unregulated tree the loss in crop from the time of flowering to harvesting is enormous and that the tree has in fact had to develop for varying periods of time a large proportion of crop which is never harvested,thereby necessitating considerable wasted energy.On a regulated tree-regulated to produce an economic crop-it is further shown that this loss does not occur.There can be no doubt that this is one of the primary reasons why the unregulated tree suffers from die-back as a result of " over cropping," whereas the regulated tree carries its crop and produces new wood for the following crop.This point stresses the importance of an early regulation of crop after flowering in all districts.
Bulletin, IV (44), p. 129