The Cowries Of The East African Coasts (Kenya, Tanganyika, Zanzibar And Pemba)I

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Bernard V.
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A desire has been expressed for a paper of this nature and there is an excu~e for .writing one since all the monographs of which those by Hildalgo, MelvIll, KIener, Reeve, Sowerby and Roberts are the most important are rare and out of print. It is just possible that at least one of the 2,700 papers which have been written about cowries deals with the East African coasts but if so, it is certainly not generally known. The most important work on the group is the recent "Prodrome of a Monograph on Living Cypraeidae" by Dr. F.A. Schilder and Dr. M. Schilder (Proc. malac. Soc., Lond .. 23, 119- 231, 1938-9). The volume containing this paper is also out of print. All the species known to occur on our coasts are included in this present paper. Rarities have been included since they are needed for the museum collections.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, XXII (4), p. 129-144