Nothanguina Cecidoplastes N. Comb. Syn. Anguina Cecidoplastes (Goodey, 1934) Filipjev 1936 (Nothotylenchinae: Tylenchida)

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Whitehead A.G
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Venkatarayan described galls on the leaves, stems and flowers of Bothriochloa pertusa (Willd.) A. Camus, syn. Andropogon pertusus Willd. GOODEY (1934) described the nematodes inhabiting these galls and assigned them to a new species of the genus Anguillulina Gervais & van Beneden, 1859. Subsequently the genus Anguillulina was split by Filipjev into a number of clearly distinct genera and A. cecidoplastes was placed in the genus Anguina Scopoli, 1777. In reviewing the descriptions of Anguina spp., the author noticed that A. cecidoplastes differed from all other Anguina spp., in the absence of a median oesophageal bulb. Filipjev & Schuurmans Stekhoven also pointed out that this character was shared with Iotonchium Cobb 1920, although in other respects the two genera were quite distinct. Thorne erected a new family Neotylenchidae to receive those genera, lacking a median oesophageal bulb. The author now proposes that the nematode Anguina cecidoplastes Filipjev 1936 be placed in this family, and erects a new genus -Nothanguina (sub-family Nothotylenchinae Thorne, 1941) to receive it. This new name indicates the relationships of the nematode, i.e. on strict morphological grounds with Nothotylenchinae, though retaining many features of secondary taxonomic importance shared with Anguina spp.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, 4, p. 70-75