The Soils of the Nairobi-Thika-Yatta-Machakos area

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Kenya Soil Survey
The original project, which was initiated by Gethin Jones! in 1952, was to study the technique of air-photo interpretation of soils and was at first confined to the Nairobi-Thika-Donyo Sabuk-Athi River rectangle, consisting of four I: 50,000 sheets. The area was chosen because it gave a variety of soils over a wide range of climatic conditions, and being situated near Muguga work could be carried on when the section was not committed to other projects. This survey was carried on intermittently until 1954 when a start was made in compiling the soil map of Kenya and Tanganyika. Over the years, requests have been made for copies of this map: in view of this, it was decided in 1958 to complete this map and to extend the area eastwards, one large soil group having already been mapped in an adjacent area by the ecology trainees under Mr. Trapnell, when they were studying a particular soil-vegetation relationship in the Yatta area. The map now covers most of the ground included in Mr. Trapnell's land use and vegetation survey of the Nairobi area and has been of value to this project. The Directorate of Overseas Surveys kindly undertook to have these maps printed