Breeding Behaviour of Cenchrus Ciliaris in Kenya

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Bogdan A. V.
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Since the opening of the Grassland Research Station at Kitale in 1950 numerous varieties of Cenchrus ciliari,l (African foxtail or buffel grass) have been collected and the best forms selected with a view to developing strains suitable for cultivation in semi-arid areas, a work which requires some knowledge of the breeding behaviour. As no information on the breeding behaviour of Cenchrus ciliaris was found in the literature a series of progeny tests was undertaken in 1955. This work was already in progress when Snyder et al. [1] described Cenchrlls ciliaris (under the name Pellnisetum Ciliaris) as an apomict. It was decided, however, to continue our study in order to find out whether the local varieties breed in the same way as those investigated by Snyder et al
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, XXVI (No. 4), p. 241-241