Observations on the Flowering of Exotic Pasture Grasses in Kenya

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Birch W.R
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The introduction of exotic grasses for use in the high altitude and high rainfall areas of Kenya brings various problems, generally becuase the day-lengths and temperatures on the Equator are very different to those of the countries from which the introductions are made. For example, the cocksfoots and ryegrasses are mostly imported from Northern Europe and the Antipodes, and many of these introduced strains are physiologically illadapted for producing seed, or even good yields of herbage, in Kenya conditions of short day-lengths and absence of a cold, winter period. But by choice of a suitable strain the local grazier can avoid using a grass which runs to seed and he can be in the enviable position of having a ley which produces all leaf and no stem. In the long run, however, there is litt!e doubt that local selection and breeding from strains of the imported grasses would be worth while.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, 24, p. 142-147