The Ostrich -The Half Collared Kingfisher (Alcedo Semitorquata) At the Nest.

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This is a widely distributed kingfisher from the Eastern Cape Province to Angola and Abyssinia about which little has been written. Everywhere it is a bird of streams rather than rivers and. at any rate in tropical Africa only those of which the banks are thickly wooded. Exceptionally it occurs as low as 1.000 ft. above sea-level even close to the Equator - I have seen .it on a side branch of the lower Pangani River - but from 3.000 ft. upwards in the neighbouring Usambara Mountains it is resident on the small streams in the forest. These waters are remarkably deficient in native fish and since these kingfishers unlike Halcyon albiventris and Ispidina pieta, do not feed on dry land. they probably as a rule depend in part on the abundant crab and amphibian fauna for their food. One at Amani was seen to catch and eat a white butterfly.
Bulletin, XV (3)