Ministry of Agriculture-Animal Husbandry- Reseeding Denuded Pastoral Land in Kenya 1967

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Ministry of Agriculture
The history of reseeding in Kenya’s largely one of individual endeavour on the part of a handful of officers, mostly of the Department of Agriculture, who have attempted during their service in pastoral districts to repair the denuded grazing areas under their care. The nurnber of published accounts of this work are few, but in appreciation of its importance as the foundation of present-day knowledge, this bulletin is .inscribed to those officers concerned, with particular acknowledgement to J. S. Bagenal, L. H. Brown, G. Cowley, R. N. Edmondson, T. Hughes-Rice, S. M. Jordan, the late W. Langridge and H. J. York. Their experience is supplemented here by data from a series of experiments conducted, by D. J. Pratt and J. Knight in Baringo District, and leavened by our independent personal experience. The section "Grasses for Reseeding" has been written mainly by A. V. Bogdan and the remainder mainly by D. J. 'Pratt, each section receiving mutual approval. Whilst the need for more work is evident, it is hoped that the result will prove of value to those who have the present responsibility for rehabilitating Kenya's pastoral areas.