Review of Kenyan Agricultural Research Volume 39 Animal Pests

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Kenya Agricultural Research Institute
These reviews have been produced as part if the Kenya Agricultural Research Database Project which was funded by the Netherlands government over the years 1992 to 1995. The aim of the project was to document all investigations and research related to agriculture in Kenya undertaken since the end of the last century, especially those items which had not been published. The computerized database now contains around 40,000 records,most of which contain abstracts or summaries, full bibliographic details, and information about where the documents can be found. We are conscious however,that many items have not yet been included, especially the earlier material and many consultancy reports produced by foreign and international donor, development, and research organizations.Specialists who read the reviews may be aware of important topics which have been omitted by the reviewer. If this is the case, we would ask that both the reviewer and KARI's Library and Information Services be informed so that the topic can be included in future revisions. Constant up-date will be required as new research information becomes available with the National Agricultural Research System in Kenya.