Coffee Research Institute Annual Report 2022-2023

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The Coffee Research Institute, formerly CRF, is one of the institutes under the Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Institute – KALRO. The Institute’s main focus is research on coffee along the value chain. The Institute headquarters is located in Ruiru (Kiambu County), about 33 km from Nairobi off Thika Superhighway along the Ruiru-Githunguri road. It has two centres in Kitale (Trans-Nzoia county) and Ruiru, and subcentres at Azania (Kiambu county), Koru (Kericho County), Kisii (Kisii County), Namwela (Bungoma County) and Mariene (Meru County). The mandate of the Institute is to promote research into and investigate all issues relating to coffee and other agricultural and commercial systems as are associated with coffee and on matters ancillary thereto. In order to deliver on the strategic growth result areas, Research and Development in CRI has eight departments that conduct research and undertake technology transfer. The current Research focus programs are: i) Development of a pure line disease resistant dwarf coffee variety ii) Evaluation of Arabusta coffee along the lake Victoria Basin for Robusta Coffee production rehabilitation iii) Breeding for tolerance to abiotic stresses including drought, salinity, and high temperatures. iv) Coffee climate smart agriculture technologies v) Studies on use of slow-release fertilizers, including their interaction with shading levels and plant densities vi) Studies on biological and cultural control of coffee diseases and nematodes vii) Studies on management of coffee Insect pests by crop nutrition viii) Studies on the viability of the coffee enterprise in both the smallholder and estates sub-sector ix) Advances in coffee processing technologies x) Value addition and manufacturing xi) Studies on stabilization of coffee based smallholder production systems through product diversification xii) Effect of legislation and policies on coffee production
The annual report provide stakeholders with an overview of its activities, performance, and financial health over the past year of the Coffee Research Institute.