The Nutritive Value Of Herbage In Semi-Arid Lands Of East Africa

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. Kame C. N
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Several chemical analyses of the rangeland plants have been done but few of the data have been reported to help in planning the utilization of semi-arid lands in ecological zones IV and V (Pratt. Greenway and Gwynne, 1966). These lands are represented by the grazing areas in the drier parts of the Rift Valley, Athi River plains, Northern Kenya. Masailand. Karamoja and parts of Northern and Central Tanzania, and they contain certain common species of grasses. legumes, herbs and browse plants. The areas are characterized by low erratic rainfall (usually less than 760 mm). high evaporation potential (over 1.800 mm) and rapidly flowering and maturing grasses, e.g. Themeda triandra. The areas are generally occupied by pastoral tribes who possess most of the beef cattle in East Africa and comprise about two-thirds of the East African landmass (Ill mil. ha of the 166 mil. ha).
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, 40, p. 89-95