Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya: some comparisons, with Special Reference to the Mammals and Birds; and with a Note on Mount Meru

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Moreau R. E.
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SOME TIME AGO I had the idea that it would be interesting to make a comparison between the respective mammal faunae and bird faunae of Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya. I soon found that although it is nearly a hundred years since the mountains were discovered by Europeans, and nearly eighty and sixty years respectively since the moorlands of Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya were first reached by explorers, a great deal of preliminary work had to be done to assemble the scattered information. As a start, therefore, I made the first attempt at a comprehensive account of the mammals and birds of Mount Kenya, discussed the results in relation to the vegetation zones and geographical position, and provided the first bibliography of the mountain. * For Kilimanjaro much more of the preliminary work had already beep done, but it has been an unpleasant surprise to find on careful examination that the published information about the mammals of the higher levels of Kilimanjaro is hopelessly defective. In fact, even including the unpublished records which have most generously been communicated to me, it is at present impossible to make a useful comparison between the mammal fauna of Kilimanjaro and that of Mount Kenya. However, even though I cannot carry out my original plan it is, I think, useful to put on record the present extent of our knowledge and also to di~cuss certain features of the environment that must be taken into account in any zoo-geographical discussion.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, p. 28-68