Coffee Board of Kenya Monthly Bulletin March 1948

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From the 6th to the 18th January this year we visited coffee estates in the following West Rift Districts, Solai, Eldama Ravine, the Kitale area, Mount Elgon, Kipkarren, Nandi, Songhor Fort Ternan and Lumbw,a.Neither of us had any previous experience of these places and the main object of this particular visit was to familiarise ourselves with conditions and problems in them.In order to plan future research work we were particularly anxious to assess the position West of the Rift and in general to see how the Coffee Services could best serve these areas.At the next meeting of the Coffee Research Committee in April the question of research in West Rift areas will be discussed so we do not propose to dwell on this subject now.For the present suffice it to say that we intend to see that our research programme here at the Coffee Research Station is designed to assist West Rift planters in any way possible.
Bulletin, pp. 29-40