The Effect of Phosphate and Lime on the Establishment, Productivity, Nodulation and Persistence of Desmodium Intortum Medicago Sativa and Stylosanthes Gracilis

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Moe, P.G.
Olsen, F.J.
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It is common practice in some agricultural regions of the world to include legumes with grasses in pasture mixtures to increase the quality and quantity of herbage produced and also to enhance soil fertility. Research work has been done assessing the improvements attributable to the inclusion of legumes in leys. Strange (1961) compared grasses in pure stands and grasses in mixtures with Kenya white clover and lucerne. He found that the application of phosphate fertilizer significantly increased dry-matter production. When gypsum was added at the rate of 150 cwt. per acre per year in combination with phosphate, a highly significant increase in legume growth and a consequent marked superiority of yield from the mixed swards over grass in pure stands was obtained.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, 37 (1), p. 29-37