East African Aphids -Polyphagous Species

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Eastop V. F.
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Many aphids are highly specific in their choice of food plant, feeding on only one species: others are less specific, feeding on a number of plants, which are, however, often closely related. Eight species are known which show very little specificity and all, in part because of this, are important pests. Six of these species are already known from East Africa, one of the others (Neomyzus circumflexus) has an otherwise almost world-wide distribution and the eighth (Myzus ascalonicus), first described from England in 1946, has been rapidly extending its range ever since. The last two species are included in this account as it is thought likely that they have either been overlooked in the past or will be introduced in the future. Nothing is said about the biology of these aphids as they may feed on almost any plant and no migration between primary and secondary hosts is not known from East Africa.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, XVIII (No. 4), p. 184-188