Average Nutritive Values of Kenya Feeding Stuffs for Pigs

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Dougall, H. W.
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Glover and Dougall [1] give a Table of average estimates of the percentage of digestible crude protein (DCP) and total digestible nutrients (TON) to be expected from pig feeds ranging in crude protein (CP) content from0-30 per cent of the dry matter and in crude fibre (CF) content from 0-15 per cent of the dry matter. This Table has been used to obtain estimates of the nutritive value of feeds actually grown or processed in Kenya and analysed in this laboratory. Descriptions of the individual feeds and estimates of their nutritive value for pigs, expressed in terms of dry matter (OM), are given in the accompanying Table. The actual amount of dry matter contained in most of the succulents, two of the milk products and the sugar cane molasses is reported alongside the description of these feeds. Similarly where the oil content of a feed exceeds 10 per cent of the dry matter, the actual amount of oil contained in its dry matter is reported alongside the description of the feed, e.g. coconut meal (41.5 per cent oil). Different factors have been used to convert per cent nitrogen to per cent crude protein depending on the description of the feed. It is not the purpose of this paper to discuss in detail minerals in relation to pig rations. None the less it is important to appreciate that if the required amounts of elements such as calcium, phosphorus, chlorine, etc., cannot be obtained from the individual components of rations in amounts that are adequate for growth and development, a supplementary source must be provided. This may take the form of a mixture of finely divided agricultural lime, sodium chloride, etc., in pre-determined proportions and fed as a fixed percentage of the concentrate ration.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, 26, p. 220-223