Kenya Agricultural Research Institute Agricultural Research Policy in Kenya

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Ministry Of Agriculture
Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, it is a special and distinct pleasure for me to perform the formal opening of your workshop on agricultural research policy in Kenya. This workshop could not have been at a more appropriate juncture in the history of our research institution- building experience and, indeed, in the history of our nation. The Government of Kenya has just embarked on measures to renew its commitment to build a society based on strong scientific and technological developments so as to face the challenges of the closing decade of this century and into the next. The key to this commitment is policy. The Government, with your assistance and cooperation, must formulate appropriate and forward-looking policies that will serve as a guide to both public and private-sector activities in research, science, and technology. All these policies and activities in agricultural research must focus on the development needs of the nation's farmers, who will continue to lead the country in economic development, and on the development objectives and priorities of Government.