Some Aspects of the Ecology of Themeda Triandra

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Ndawula-Senyimba M. S.
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Themeda Triadra. Forsk (Red Oat grass) is one of the most abundant and widely spread grass species in East Africa. It is an important grassland constituent of large areas of productive range lands in the medium altitude and medium rainfall (1.000 to 2.000 metres above sea level and 500 mm. to 800 mm. respectively) zones of eastern tropical and subtropical Africa. It is the only Species of the genus Themeda represented in Africa and its various strains are used to characterize two distinct grass cover types: the grasslands of high plateaux and mountains, and grasslands associated with a typical savanna type of vegetation. In combination with other grasses Themeda triandra is used to characterize over 16 grassland categories (Rattray 1960) about half of which are found in East Africa.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, XXXVIII, p. 83-93