The First East African Herbicide Conference I-A General Introduction and Review of the Proceedings

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Russell, E.W.
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Chemicals now form an essential tool in the control of weeds in all highly developed agricultural countries, so it is natural that there should be a lively interest in their potential value to East Africa, But chemical control of unwanted plants is of importance to many people outside the Departments of Agriculture, for the Departments of Veterinary Services, Forests and Tsetse Control are also much concerned with their possible use, In addition, herbicide work comes into the programme of the Colonial Pesticides Research Unit, stationed in Tanganyika, and much research of immediate importance to East Africa is undertaken by large commercial firms such as Fisons Pest Control and Plant Protection (African Explosives and Chemical Industries), Up to the present, there has been relatively little exchange of information between the people concerned with planning the research or between those carrying it out in East Africa because the work is scattered over so many departments, The initial and primary purpose of the first East African Herbicide Conference held at Muguga on 24th to 25th January, 1957, was to give all these people a chance to meet, and discuss the problems they are working on and the results so far obtained,
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, XXIII, pp. 1-5