Fertilizer Use Recommendations Volume 13 Kisumu District

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Ministry Of Agriculture
Research on soil fertility and fertilizer usage has a long history in Kenya dating back to the colonial days.However, the earlier 979 fertilizer trials undertaken before 1985 focussed on subject-oriented aspects, and were carried out under isolated environmental conditions. It was therefore that only blanket extension me•ssages could be derived from these trial results without considering the diverse soil and climatic con~itions in the farming lands of Kenya. With the increasing demand for food to feed the rapidly increasing population, and the ever escalating costs of fertilizers in this country, the Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (KARI) embarked on a number of research activities aimed at producing appropriate fertilizer recommendation packages that are crop and zone specific. One of the largest fertilizer research projects, the Fertilizer Use Recommendation Project (FURP), was formulated in 1985 with the main objective of making greater contribution in securing self sufficiency in food supplies in Kenya throughefficient utilization of fertilizers