KARI Katumani Annual Report 2004

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Kenya Agricultural Research Institute
KARl Katumani is responsible for developing and disseminating technologies for dry land farming in Machakos, Makueni, Kitui, Mwingi, and Taita Taveta districts and also other semi-arid lands (ASALS) in the country. Themandate districts have a tot I land area of about 6 million hectares, out of which 4 million Ha are arable with an estimated 500,000 farm house olds and a human population of about 3 million. The region is characterized by frequent famines, high poverty levels and widespread land degradation. A number of research efforts have been initiated by the Centre to reverse this trend and some of the have already started bearing fruits. The Centre runs 18 research programmes that involve the development of appropriate soil and water management technologies for ASALs, improved crop varieties that are both drought escaping and tolerant to pests and diseases, and livestock improvement. In additon the Centre also assists in the dissemination of its technologies through e Agricultural Technology and Information Response Initiative (ATIRI) facility.