Department of Agriculture Annual Report 1951

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Ministry of Agriculture
So often in Africa one looks back over a period of sweat and toils and feels impatient and depressed by the absence of results or lack of evidence of progress. That 1951 in retrospect shows heartening evidence of progress is in no small measure due to the change in departmental organization which permits of two experienced Assistant Directors, one on the research side and one on the field extension and advisory side maintaining the closest contact with all officers of the department. These two appointments have led to a better co-ordination of effort, guidance to the inexperienced, the prevention of unnecessary duplication, decisions on the spot, encouragement so necessary for team work and improved relationships with the public and other departments of Government. Other factors which have helped to mark the year as one of progress are an improvement in the staff position, the continuance of remunerative prices and organized marketing and, particularly in the plantation industries, the availability of the necessary capital to effect improvements.