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DR. J. M. BOYD: Ladies and gentlemen, I have been following this high-powered discussion all afternoon hoping that some time it would come to roost, and I think Mr. Proctor's paper really has brought it home. I would like to ask the foresters about the valuation of the timber needs of the East African countries. I put it to them that the forecast needs of the countries in timber were assessed in advance of the forecast needs of the countries' wildlife, and that it is only by having such types of conservation planning such as Mr.Saibull has described to us that you can, in fact, bring up the various national needs in forestry, agriculture and wildlife in parallel. It strikes me that when Mr. Logie told us of the development of Mt. Kenya and the Aberdares for coniferous forestry, it was done in advance of an appreciation of any need for the conservation of the podo / camphor/ cedar forests there as natural resources in wildlife and as watersheds.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, XXXIII, p. 69-75