National Poultry Research Programme Detailed Workplan 1995

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Kenya Agricultural Research Institute
The Plan of Operations for the National Poultry Research Programme (NPRP) indicates that on each year a detailed workplan has to be produced. The Workplan for 1995 is the first in this series . The Workplan describes the activities planned for 1995, the organisations and individuals involved, and the detailed budget to execute these activities. Due to the change in Ihe character of research between NARP I and NARP II, 1995 will be a year of adaptation ' 10 the new situation . The regionalisation research implies that more research officers will be assigned to poultry research, in the past when only Naivasha based officers were involved in NARP I. Detailed planning of projects for 1995 requires immediate involvement of the officers in charge, both regionally and nationally. They will be appointed in the Plan of operations for the NPRP. Consequently, the detailed planning for 1995 will be carried out aS soon as they can be involved fully. Another adaptation is the involvement of Research extension Advisory Committees (REAC's) in the process of planning and priority setting The role of the REAC's has to be established, not only for poultry research, but for all commodity or factor oriented programmes. For the detailed plans of 1995, priority setting is based on involvement of all stakeholders in poultry research and production through two priority seting workshops instead of on formal REAC meetings. The REAC's will be involved in this planning process as soon as possible.