Control Of Rats And Mice

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Ministry Of Agriculture
This reference manual is designed to enable Pest control personnel to carry out rat and mouse control operations with the maximum effect and in the safest way. It replaces the old Handbook of Rat and Mouse Control. CONTROL OF RATS AND MICE is one of three reference manuals covering the major areas of you'r pest control work, i.e. rodent control, insect control and non-rodent vertebrate pest control. All the manuals have been produced to support the training programmes recommended in the locai Government Training Boa'rd (LGTB) Training Recommendation No: 20 'Traini n9 of Pest Control Personnel'. The manuals are designed to fit into a ring binder cover, available from LGTB. The binder will enable you to put all tliree manuals together, thus making a comprehensive manual which will cover the three major areas of your work. _ Any enquiries on rodent control or pest control/ generally ~would be addressed to the Regional Pest Officers or to the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries for Scotland, with the ~exception of the london Boroughs who should contact the London Pasts’ Unit. See Appendix 3 for names, addresses and telephone numbers