The Coffee Board of Kenya Monthly Bulletin December 1993

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A survey was conducted during the early part of 1993 to investigate the nature and causes of off flavours detected in some batches of Kenya coffee.Alien off-flavours were detected mainly during the 1991/92 crC4' year. Majority of the liquorers interviewed described the off-flavour as 'hard' or 'hardish' while some identified another distinct 'taint' from the hard taste. Since it was detected, the offflavour has featured prominently in the coffee lots delivered at the Nairobi auctions.The problem was initially endemic to certain farms mainly in the estate sector although some cooperatives also delivered off-flavoured lots.Errant processing practires, especially at the drying stage,accentuated by relatively wet weather, we(e identified as possible causes for the off-flavours.There are also possibilities that certain fungicides can impart coffee offflavours mainly due to their ingredient susceptibility to biodegradation into volatile,probably odorous, products by environmental micro flora.Further research work to furnish unequivocal information regarding the role of fungicides e.g.Octave and fungal microflora in imparting 'hard' or 'tainted' off-flavours to Kenya coffee is recommended.
Bulletin, 58 (686), pp. 1665-1688