Department Of Agriculture Annual Report 1908-1909

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Department of Agriculture
The past season has been of a somewhat varied character. In the agricultural districts of the highlands, as also in the Nandi, the Kavirando, the Kericho and the Kisii reserves, the rains, both in what are known as" the long and the short rainy seasons, have been abundant and there have been good harvests of all crops. In fact the year has been one of the most bounteous within the experience of settlers and natives in these parts of the Proteotorate. On the Coast Belt the returns have not been so favourable. For the second year in succession there has been a shortage of rainfall, and it is estimated that the cotton yield, mainly owing to unfavourable climatic conditions, will not be more than one-third of an average crop. Though other annual crops have not suffered to the same extent, the Coast Belt returns are disappointing, and there has been a shortage of posha. Fibre and rubber plants have, however, held their own, and planters on the coast and in the low middle districts are hopeful as regards these new industries.