KARI-NARL- Kenya Soil Survey R7 1985

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Ministry of Agriculture
The present report is the seventh in the Kenya Soil Survey series of "Reconnaissance soil surveys" with multi-purpose land evaluation. It is at the same time the second report to contain both the soil and vegetation maps on a scale 1:250,000. This particular survey was carried out in close collaboration with the Tsavo Research Station of the Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife. Mainly due to the low and erratic rainfall in most of the area the suitability for ardble forms of land use is extremely low. In the somewhat wetter fringes of the area low soil fertility and high susceptibility to erosion make agriculture also less feasible. Soil conservation action is urgently needed in the already cultivated zones. Possibilities for ranching exist outside the Tsavo National Parks. Inside the Parks the climatic and soil conditions, reflected in a low biomass production of the vegetation, implicate a very low suitability for ranching. However, game conservation and tourism are good alternatives.