The Fertility Capability Soil Classification System Interpretation, Applicability and Modification

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Pedro A. S
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This paper summarizes the first five years of testing and evaluation of the Fertility Capability Soil Classification System (FCC) and presents an improved version, examples of interpretation and its applicability. FCC is a technical system for grouping soils according to the kinds of problems they present for agronomic management of their chemical and physical properties. It emphasizes quantifiable topsoil parameters as well as subsoil properties directly relevant to plant growth. FCC classes indicate the main fertility-related soil constraints, which can be interpreted in relation to specific farming systems or land utilization types. Since its publication in 1975, the FCC has been tested evaluated and put to use in various countries. As a result, the definitions of several modifiers have been changed and additional modifiers have been introduced. Soil maps can be interpreted and redrawn as FCC-units when the necessary data are available. Portions of the F AO/Unesco (1971, 1974, 1977) Soil Maps of the World have been converted to FCC•units with minor difficulties. The system is directly applicable to F AO's (1976) Land Evaluation Guidelines
Bulletin, 27, p. 283-309