Performance of Broiler Chicks Feed Containing Cottonseed Cake

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Olaboro, G.
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Feeding diets containing cottonseed cake significantly reduced (P<O.O1) growth rate of broiler chicks. Addition of L-Iysine improved (P<0.01) weight gatd, while addition of DL-methionine was not beneficial. The feed efficiencies of diets containing cottonseed cake were only poor during the first (P<O.01) and second (P<0.05) weeks, but not (P>0.05) during the third week. L-Iysine, but not DL-methionine supplementation was necessary to improve the performance of broiler chicks fed diets containing' cottonseed cake. Cottonseed cake can be included in broiler diets after the second week without affecting feed efficiency. Calcium, phosphorus, manganese, zinc, fat soluble vitamins, choline, p,!ntothenic acid riboflavin and- v{tami'ns BI2 'are not well supplied oy practical metary mgredlents m practical starting diets, containing cottonseed cake. Their deficiencies may be the cause of the high mortality rates, leg abnormalities and poor feathering observed in the birds on commercial feeds in Uganda. These ingredients should, therefore, be considered by feed manufacturers when formulating diets with cottonseed cake.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, 55 (4), p. 171-177