The Nutritive Value of Some Tanganyika Foods

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Raymond W. D.
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Owing to the important position of the plantain in the dietaries of some African tribes and the variations which exist in published analyses we decided to perform analyses of Tanganyika material obtained from a banana eating area (Bukoba) and to attempt to select from our analyses a representative figure which can be used in calculations involving Tanganyika material. Most of our figures are based on quadruplicate or in some cases duplicate analyses made on four samples of mixed Nsansha varieties received from Bukoba. As soon as possible after receipt the several varieties were skinned and mixed in a mincing machine. The mixed material was divided into two and in every determination two separate samples were taken. This enabled us to decide what degree of uniformity had been achieved in the sampling. In some cases where there were objections to the above procedure, the method employed is indicated in the text below. It thus follows that many of the mean analyses are based on sixteen separate determinations.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, VI (No. 2), p. 105-108