I East African Agricultural Research Station, Amani Second Annual Report, 1929-30.

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Ministry Of Agriculture
The First Annual Report* of the reorganized Station recorded the progress made with the building and reconstruction of laboratories and staff quarters, the making and improvement of roads, and the clearing of the plantations from the encroaching forest. During the second year the new quarters have been furnished and occupied, and the fitting of the laboratories has progressively advanced, so that by the end of the year the equipment of the Station for the purposes at present in view is virtually complete. The only important item outstanding is the provision of electric current, and this is expected to be available within a few weeks of the end of the year under report. An ample margin of laboratory accommodation exists to allow for extensions of the staff or for the accommodation of visiting workers. Separate laboratory groups are provided for Soil Science, Plant Pathology, Entomology, and Biochemistry, while Plant Physiology and Systematic Botany occupy together the largest of the German buildings. The library has been completely rearranged and the collections of boo.ks and papers put into working order. Details of the work undertaken during the ye~r are presented in the form of progress reports signed by the officers immediately concerned. The period of reorganization may now be considered to be at an end and future reports should be concerned only with the progress of research on the subjects selected for investigation. If it is considered that two years is a long time to be occupied with constructional work it should be remembered that all the complicated business of providing for scientific research on modern lines has had to be carried out by the staff and with the resources of the station itself unaided by external organizations either public or commercial.