Farm Management Guide-Lines for large-Scale Farming

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Ministry of Agriculture
Commercial and lor Subsistence Farming has been done for many years- In Kenya, the main emphasis was on the implementation of correct and proven technical recommendations with little emphasis On the economic considerations which are so vital in the farming businesses the cost of labour and inputs has risen over the years with a general fall in the price of farm produce, the extension services of the MPnistrY of Agriculture and the farmers alike have become fully aware of the need to achieve technical and economic efficiency in the farming operations- It is with this in view that the Ministry of Agriculture has set up the Farm Management Extension Service- This is a relatively new concept in farming, (which is a science of the organisation and operation of a farm for the puroose of maximum efficiency, optimum allocation of resources and continuous profits), not only in Kenva but also in many farming countries of the world- Farm Management is not fully understood by the majority of people involved in farming in Kenya and it is with this in mind that the Farm Management Guidelines have been drawn up- 'The following pages are guidelines prepared for Nyandarua