Nitrogen In Tropical Soils

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Millbank J.W
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A conference of specialists was held on 25th April, 1956, at Muguga, to pool present knowledge on this important aspect of soil fertility. Twelve papers were read and discussed; seven were concerned wholly or partly with the formation and accumulation of ammonia and nitrate in soil, either incubated in the laboratory or under field conditions, and a few authors related conclusions drawn from laboratory experiments to observations in the field. The remainder of the papers covered a diversity of subjects, comprising comparative techniques in Kjeldahl soil-nitrogen determinations (J. B. D. Robinson, Coffee Research Station, Ruiru, Kenya); the movement of nitrate in soil (J. R. Simpson, Kawanda Research Station, Uganda); the C: N ratios of Tanganyika soils (B. Anderson, Department of Agriculture, Nachingwea, Tanganyika); nitrogen in soils under sisal, with various methods of cultivation (F. Leutenegger, Sisal Research Station, MIingano, Tanganyika); the work of Scott Agricultural Laboratories Legume Inoculation Service (R. M. Nattrass and R. A. Robinson); a description and first reports of the use of a simple and efficient soil respirometer H. F. Birch, E.A.A.F.R.O.); and a preliminary report on the effect of histidine and methionine on the rate of nitrification in soil(P. R. Hesse, E.A.A.F.R.O.).
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, XXII (2), p. 73-75