The Apparent Digestibility of Nutrients and Energy Values of some Oilseed Meals and Three Commonly used Cereal Grains Fed to Pigs

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Oyenuga, V. A.
Fetuga, B. L.
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Three cereals: yellow maize (YM), guinea corn (GC) and millet (M) and eight oilseed meals; palm kernel meal (PKM), ground nut cake (GNC), soyabean meal (SBM), cottonseed meal (CSM), sunflower seed meal (SSM), Beniseed meal (BSM), coconut meal (CNM) and African locust bean (ALB), were evaluated for digestibility of nutrients, digestible energy (DE), metabolizable energy (ME) and ME adjusted to N equilibrium (ME,) using 52 growing Large White barrows in three consecutive experiments. The pigs averaged 24, 35 and 32 kg in the first, second and third experiments respectively. Cereals (YM, GC and M) had similar DE, ME and ME values in kcal/kg dry matter of 4,042, 3,812, and 3,943. 3,825. 3,711 and 3,752 and 3,731, 3,627 and 3.666 respectively. The nutrients in the cereals were digested to the same extent. Oilseed, (PKM, SSM and CNM) had significantly lower digestion coefficients for DM and CP, compared to ONG, SBM and BSM which had high and similar digestion coefficients for these nutrients, TDN values for YM, OC, M, PKM ONC, SBM, CSM. SSM, BSM, CNM and ALB were 94, 92, 92, 85 89, 92, 87. 81, 90, 82 and 92 per cent respectively. The DE, ME and MEn values in kcal/kg dry matter of 3,283, 3,092 and 2,995; 3,253, 2.964 and 2.877. and 3,486, 3,059 and 2,987 obtained for PK M, SSM and CNM respectively were significantly lower than the values of 4,155. 3,869 and 3.727, 4.208, 3,892 and 3,776, 4.322, 4,011 and 3,936, 3,824, 3,587 and 3,534 recorded for SBM, ONC, BSM and ALB respectively. The variations in digestion coefficients and energy values are discussed in relation to the variation in the nutrient composition.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, 40, p. 388-393