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Chorley T.W
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Glossina palpalis Juscipes has been found breeding, in the Busoga District of Uganda, in places far removed from any permanent water. In one instance the nearest water of any kind was four miles away; in others breeding was taking place at distances up to twelve miles from any permanent water except small water-holes. The area in which the breeding-places were found, and the sites in which breeding occurred are described, and the food supply of the tsetse is discussed. The exceptional distance from water at which breeding of palpalis occurs in Busoga is thought to be due to the very humid conditions in the forest. Swynnerton's suggestion that food supply is the factor which normally limits palpalis to the near neighbourhood of permanent water is probably incorrect. In Uganda suitable conditions of shade and humidity seldom occur far from permanent water, and where these conditions are not found palpalis is absent, no matter how ample the food supply.
Journal Of Entomology, 19, p. 1-4