A Comparative Study of Sunshine Records In The Nairobi Area

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Ghosh B.N
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The East African Industrial Research Organization first become interested in the sunshine records ,of the Nairobi area in the beginning of 1961, in connection with an experiment which was taken in hand at that time with the solar drying .of sisal fibre. A Campbell Stokes pattern sunshine recorder was Obtained and installed on the grounds of the E.A. Industrial Research Organization, located in the Industrial area .of Nairobi, in March 1961 with the technical assistance provided by the E.A. Meteorological Department, and records have been kept since then of the daily sunshine values. These figures, compared with similar sunshine data Obtained from other recording stations maintained in the vicinity of Nairobi. are being reported in this study. Grateful acknowledgement is made to the technical staff of the Other stations for making their figures available to the E.A.I.R.O. for this purpose.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, XXXI (2), p. 132-140