First Check-List of the Vascular Plants of Mbeya Range, Southern Highlands Region, Tanganyika

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Kerfoot O.
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During the execution of duties connected with the measurement of hydrological effects of changes in land use on Mbeya Range, an unrivalled opportunity for detailed investigation of the flora of this little-known habitat was presented to the author. Prior to 1958, there had been a fair amount of desultory collecting at haphazard periods, mainly by members of the Government Service. Ecological observations and intensive gathering of material have been made at seasonal intervals over the last five years, and the information which has accrued, supplemented by detailed analyres of geology, soil and climate, will be published in the form of a full ecological papse at a subsequent date.(l) However, the recent appearance of books on the Central and East African woody flora, together with the current publishing of the F.T.E.A. (x) seems to warrant the issue of this preliminary list.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, p. 1-16