Fertilizer Use Recommendation project quarterly Progress Report 1st January To 31st March, 1992

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Kenya Agricultural Research Institute
A number of activities have taken place. Analysis of data collected from the 71 trial sites and interpretation of results continued smoothly. Four officers who had finished their courses continued working with the Project, and those on further training continued as planned. Installat ion of Laboratory equipment was completed in February 1992. A number of sites were planted with various crops during the short rains of 1991 and harvested during January and February this year (1992). Land preparation and planting not carried out as planned due to lack of funds; only 5% of sites due for planting was planted. From the evaluated results it is evident that we can move away from the existing broad and uniform fertilizer recommendations to more crop and zone specific. A total of 18 food crops are investigated in the 71 trial sites with maize as the test crop. Some officers participated in a few workshops during this quarter of the year.