The Distribution of Tsetse-Flies in Tanganyika Territory

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Tanganyika Territory, sandwiched between Kenya and Portuguese East Africa and lying between latitudes 1 ° and 12° South and longitudes 30° and 40° East, is an East African territory of some ',366,000 square miles, of which at least two-thirds (the Veterinary Department estimates it at three-quarters) are infested with tsetse flies. Their distribution has never been described in detail, and the published information available is scanty i* the extreme. For this reason the following account is offered, attempting no more than to place on record the present state of our knowledge of the subject, which is recognised to be far from complete; there is no doubt but that future surveys, particularly in the southern areas of the Territory, will furnish more details, especially 'of the distribution of the rarer and more localized species. It is, however, claimed that the outlines of the fly-belts as depicted on the map do represent the general distribution of fly in the Territory to-day, and that such changes as are found in future years will represent invasions or withdrawal of the fly.
Journal Of Entomology, 15, p. 129-145