Effects of Some Systemic Insecticides on an Infestation of the Barley Fly Delia Arambourgi Seg. In Ethiopia

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Davidson A.
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Severe infestations by the anthomyid fly, Delia (Hylemya) arambourgi Seg. were discovered on small plots of barley in a sowing date/variety /fertilizer trial at the headquarters station of the Institute of Agricultural Research at Holetta Ouenet, near Addis Ababa, in early July 1967. Plots sown on 7th-8th and 21st-22nd June were found on 3rd July to have over 90 per cent of seedlings damaged, between 50 per cent and 60 per cent containing larvae. Equal levels of infestation were observed on plots in red hillside soil typical of barley cultivation in that area, and in heavier black valley bottom soil Subsequent survey showed high levels of infestation in barley in neighboring peasant farms; the farmers stated that the pest occurred every year, but current attack was more intense than usual. Slight damage was also observed in wheat seedlings.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, XXXIV (No. 4), p. 422-425