An Annotated Bibliography Of Cinchona•Growing From 1883 To 1943

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1883 to 1943
Moreau R.E
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Thirty years ago there waf; already a certain amolmt of difficulty in keeping up with published work on cinchona. One quinologist, in exasperation with another who had overlooked some relevant publication, entitled his polemic "Waarvoor dient kinaliteratuur?" - "What is cinchona literature for?" (Zijp 1912). Although the jungle is now much more extensive, it is not so lmmapped. The last ten years have seen the compilation of three important bibliographies. That by Posnjak (1936) purports to. be comprehensive to 1935 from the earliest writings on cinchona, and was prepared as a basis for the Soviet scheme of growing cinchona in Transcaucasia. The other two were prepared by the Science Library, London, the second of them, which is the later edition of the first, pl;.oviding 134 titles for the period 1916-44.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, p. 2-41