Report of Training Workshop Gender Analysis Agricultural Research and Extension

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Kenya Agricultural Research Institute
A revised gender training module, developed by the KARl/AD-RRC Office was tested in Muguga in February 1998 . Based on the positive experiences with that training module and the request of the National Horticulture Research Center, Thika and National Potato Research Center, Tigoni for inclusion of PRA tools and methods, the module was slightly adapted and the duration of the training extended to 5 days. The training workshop was held at Kerugoya from 20th to 24th April for researchers from Thika and Tigoni. In total, 23 participants comprised of 20 researchers and 3 extensionists of which 18 were men and 5 were women (Cf. Appendix 1 for list of participants). The workshop was planned for about 40 participants from Thika and Tigoni, and because of the expected high number only a few extensionists were invited. The number of participants from Tigoni was as agreed upon, but there were fewer participants from Thika. Disciplines represented were agronomy, entomology, crop protection, plant breeding, food technology and socio-economy. The representative of MLAC also represented the GTF during the first two days of the training. The Chairman of the GTF closed the workshop and awarded the certificates.