Coffee Board of Kenya Monthly Bulletin May 1983

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Coffee Board Of Kenya
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The larva and pupa are attacked by a large number of parasites wasp and the eggs are sucked dry by a red mite. Indiscriminate use of pesecticides is,therefore, not recommended in order to preserve these parasites.During advisory visits to farmers it has been noticed that farmers , especially smallholders, mix fungicides every time they have to apply CBD control sprays. This is a bad practice and should discontinue.Whereas fungicides must be applied as a matter of routine (as recommended by the paathology Section), insecticides should be applied only when the presence of a pest has reached an economic injury level. In ease of the leaf miners, the trees should be shaken Vigorously as a matter of routine and, if more than 35 moths per tree are seen, a chemical spray should follow one week later. Should the infestation be severe, a second spray should be necessary 2 - 3 weeks after the first spray.
Bulletin, 48 (565), pp. 113-136