KARI-ARSP-Draft of Study on Issues to Be Considered For Future Support TO KARI 2003

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Kenya Agricultural Research Institute
The Terms-of-Reference for this study (see Appendix 1) highlight their dual aim: to review and assess the relevance and achievements of the ARSP II programme so far (points 11-15 in ToR), and, partly based on this, to provide recommendations on the future directions of the programme (points 18-20 in ToR). These are to be formulated as a "concept note/proposal that KARI could use to request support from development partners for pertinent issues in line with the directions set by ARSP II" (points 10 and 21 in ToR). In subsequent talks (i.e. subsequent to the approval of the ToR) with representatives for KARI and EC Delegation, the term "pre-feasibility study was used to characterise our task. In principle, we have no objections to this. As a consequence, the concept note/proposal has been given a format that will facilitate the eventual development of a programme logframe and cost proposal in a subsequent feasibility study.