Agri-business Development Support Project(ADSP) October-December 2000

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Kenya Agricultural Research Institute
The inigation canal was having a problem. However, 14,000 rootstocks of various fruit trees were raised. Mother-blocks of pawpaw (410 trees), rough lemon (67 trees) and mangoes (18 trees) were established. Over 600 seedlings were sold. About 208 (90kg) bags of standard sorghum seed was harvested in Cheplambus and KARl has bought it using IDA funds. This report covers a period between October and December 2000. Co-ordination Office was able to monitor the implementation of the work-plan by visiting most parts of the centers. Kiboko seed fann was sown for the first time and work on procurement of inigation system is progressing well. Business plan of KSU Tigoni, Katumani, and Thika is being implemented. The funds are complementing those from ADSP. Medium term work plan (5 years) was started. Procurement of the equipment for Masongaleni including tractor, mobile seed cleaner, lorry and inigation facilities is now at advanced stage. Monitoring of seed work with collaborators including tractor Winrock International, German Agro Action and many other non-governmental organizations was continued. KSUs are involved in developing new Seed Industry Development Units (SIDUs) at Mitunguu, Kitui, Kiambu, Kajiado and Matuu. Breeder seed production of 600 maize series was started.